Our Story

Poms To You launched in January of 2010 with the intention of providing delicious, high quality Pomegranate Jams to the world. In making our jams, we've found a perfect way to celebrate the food we love and help preserve the land that creates it.

All of our Products are 100% Natural & made in the USA. We never use chemicals, pesticides, or harsh fertilizers – instead, we work with the tools mother nature has given us to grow the best tasting, healthiest Pomegranate fruit possible.

The Land & its Wildlife

Our Pomegranates are grown on Oasis Valley Orchard, located in a lush region of Nevada where our trees can benefit from optimal growing conditions. The fertility of the land inspired us to establish Poms to You as a way of harvesting the bounty of land, water and sun. Our ponds and orchards work together to provide a home to wildlife, and a source of beautiful, delicious fruit. In particular, our land is home to a large variety of waterfowl species, and we are thrilled to provide them with this safe and natural habitat.