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Making Jam & Protecting wildlife


Natural & gourmet

homegrown pomegranate jam

All of our jams are made from Pomegranates grown on our very own Oasis Valley Orchard, located in a lush region of Nevada where the trees benefit from optimal growing conditions. We never use chemicals, harsh fertilizers, or pesticides. Instead, we work with the tools mother nature has given us which we believe produce the best tasting, healthiest Pomegranate fruit imaginable.


Helping Protect Wildlife

At Poms to You, we are deeply committed to active wildlife conservation. This is why all proceeds from our jam sales go directly towards maintaining the Wildlife Preserve connected to our Pomegranate Orchard. This Preserve offers a year-round home to many diverse species of waterfowl, protecting a dynamic and rich ecosystem that would otherwise be compromised.

Crafting Delicious Jams

When we discovered the incredible, delicious fruit of our pomegranate orchard, we knew we had to find a way to share this rich flavor with the world. We decided there was no better way to share our bounty than handcrafted, small batch pomegranate jam. And so, Poms to You was born, and we've been making fresh, delicious jams ever since.